Buy a Cannabis Domain name that will stand out domain is for sale. Unique, captivating, easy to remember,

Everyone's looking for a creative name in the cannabis industry for their product or site name and I have one

How to Buy Domain

How the bidding and finder’s fee works below:

This it's the first time has been available for sale since 1997 when I became the first owner and used it for a community website.... But is a much better reflection of a  high-quality cannabis products as a domain name..  Right?

How to make yours? Place a bid directly with me or sign up to receive $1,000 finder’s fee if you register a buyer’s information you talked with, recommended and pre-sold.  If they buy and you give me their info prior to their purchase you get thew $1,000 finder's fee. Only the first finder to register a buyer will be eligible for finder's fee. 

I will explain how the bidding and finder’s fee works below:


Businesses wishing to purchase need to bid or make offers to Mark Burnett the sole owner of for over 20 years.  I am selling just the domain name that has never been used in the cannabis industry. has a clean Google search.  The logos are just samples however the winning bidder may purchase them if they wish. 

-Bidders may make bids any time prior to closing.

-Bidding will start at $5,000 and new bids will be accepted in minimum $1,000 increments or above.  I believe the Domain will sell between $25K to $50K. but this will be up to bidders and make offers.  

-Make offer will also be considered on a case-by-case basis and listed anonymously as a Make Offer  pending

-After an initial Bid has been received a 30-day countdown will start to end the auction. 

However, to keep the auction fair and to prevent sniping at the end any new offer/bid starts a new 14-day countdown, even at the last second.  If you have registered with me for bidding or finder’s fee you will get updates of new bids or offers as soon as possible through email.   All bidders will show anonymous names on but have numbers ie.. Anonymous12345  Only I will have access to real names of bidders.

To make sure we have serious buyers they will need to include their contact information and phone number to confirm their bid.  They can conveniently fill out the form below or email me directly at   Offers over $10K will need a $100 deposit to bid futher.  All deposits will be returned at end of successful bid closing.  If winning bidder or make offer does not complete payment then they forfeit the deposit and an offer will go to the second  bidder. 

Once the countdown period ends or Make offer price has been accepted all bidding will close.  I will work with the winning bidder to set up the payment and after payment I will transfer to their control.    If the winning bidder wishes to use an escrow or another transfer service it will be at buyers expense.

You must submit all questions,request for Make Offer   price, and other emails to  

$1,000 Finders Fee paid after all fees paid by winning bidder or make offer winner.

So, let's just say you've got someone in the US or Canada looking to open up a cannabis-related company and need a really sharp name.    You recommend them to come to and if they purchase and pay for the domain and they have taken ownership I will pay you $1,000 finder’s fee.   But you must email me at and provide their name, address, phone information prior to them contacting us to be registered for the finder’s fee. 

 Also, whoever registers the name of the winning contact first would receive a finder’s fee.  Only one finder’s fee will be given.    We will notify you if we see the name or company name has already been registered with us.   It's important you work with your prospect to encourage them to bid and make contact and register.

This is a unique opportunity for those of you that may know someone that could use the name for their new or existing business.

I am using as the  bidding site because other sites charge fees sometimes to both the buyer and the seller.  No one needs to pay these fees.   Besides it shows I own it.  If you are concerned as to who I am, look at I've been in the computer industry for 25 years and delivered software development and unique domain names to companies and organizations that are extremely well known.

Bidding rules

When I receive a bid that is above my minimum allowed ($5,000) I will post it as a current high bid and send out an email to all parties that have registered and those that have inquired.  

I will also post a buy now price which will correspond to the bidding and buy now offers received activity and therefore it may fluctuate up and down based on the current market trend.  

The winning bidder is full responsibility for registering their own trademark, trademark search, copyright and any and all legal matters.  The winning bidder must Research and trademark search any legality of selling cannabis and domain name trademark issues prior to winning purchase.

All purchases are final.  I reserve the right to reject any offer or bid.  

Mark Burnett

Sample Logo that could be used with  The Logo design is for you to decide.

Sample Logo that could be used with The Logo design is for you to decide.

Place Bid or Finder Information

Fill out the Info below to get started with bidding or a finder. I do not sell or give out your information. I do not list your name as a bidder only ie Anonymous 1234 etc.